Draw yourself dancing!


Hey artist friends! I’m working on a thing and I could use your help.

I’m putting together a poster this weekend for the SPX Prom, and I’m asking people to send me drawings of themselves dancing. I’m going to combine them all into one big dance floor picture.

It’ll look great if there are a whole bunch of different styles, some color, some B&W, etc.

I need more dancers! Will you draw yourself dancing for me?

You can post it anywhere and let me know via ask (, or you can post it to tumblr and tag is #spxprom and I’ll find it.





My advice comic for those still in college! 

Hazel made a comic with her advice to get through comics college and encouraged me to make my own. I hope it helps someone! It would have been helpful for me to hear some of this before my senior year.

Reblog because SVA is about to start up again. You guys, remember to take care of yourselves!



Here are some finished pages from ROOKERY PRESENTS: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES by  Rebecca George, Peter Schmidt, Tyler Boss, and Giselle Sarmiento!

Rookery Presents is an anthology of comics and illustrations tied together by the theme “dreams and nightmares.” With 19 contributing artists, this volume promises to tantalize your unconscious desires.

This book will make its debut at SPX in September. 

Contributing artists: 

Rebecca George,  Peter Schmidt,  Tyler Boss,  Giselle Sarmiento,  Stephanie Bailey,  Lorena Reyes,  Jess Hurley,  June Vigants,  Jenna Kass,  Hazel Newlevant,  Crystal Rivera,  Paulo Campos,  Jennifer “Steen” Lloyd,  Ashley Silva,  Carmen Pizarro,  Christopher Gomez,  Sheila Machicado,  Marlena Konglau,  Sara Duvall

I’m so excited to be part of this!